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certified and established.

Cook’s Excavating’s vision is to be viewed, both internally and externally, as an innovative Green company because of our ability to provide Green solutions to our clients through effective use of technology and other Green practices and procedures. Our core responsibility is to learn, practice and teach Green design and construction.

Cook’s Excavating is committed to minimizing the impact of the construction business on the environment and encouraging sustainable practices within the company.

Cook’s Excavating strives to save our planet by minimizing the natural resources we consume during our normal operations and continuously reducing the amount of waste we generate. We encourage creative, forward-thinking ideas that will improve the efficiency of the construction process and the advancement of new technologies. Cook’s Excavating will invest in employee development to deliver the most efficient, sustainable construction projects for our clients.


It’s best to schedule an appointment with us so we can look at your job site to determine things like soil and surface conditions. From there, we will determine the safest and most effective way to get your job done. Contact us today to get started.