Case Study: AEP – Baileysville-Bolt 138kV Line Rebuild – Access Road 13

Access Road 13 Road Construction

  • Customer: EPC Services Company | AEP Transmission

  • Location: Mariana, WV

  • Date: 2/2022 – 4/2022

  • Install all necessary BMPS and safety devices. Construct approximately 11,500 linear feet of access road. Install approximately 342 crane mats in the form of air bridges for multiple high pressure gas pipeline crossings. Construct remaining road and structure pad in rock utilizing hydraulic hammers. Place geotextile separation fabric and base stone. Cap road with cap stone and compact. Total stone installed was 7,350 tons. Hydroseed road slope and structure pad. Remove temporary air bridges and reclaim. Stabilize and finalize remaining project. Total project time was fast tracked to 2 months to hit deadline.

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