Case Study: AEP – Baileysville-Bolt 138kV Line Rebuild – Structure 33

Slope Subsidence Repair at Structure 33

  • Customer: EPC Services Company | AEP Transmission

  • Location: Rock View, WV

  • Date: 4/2022

  • Clear existing trees and brush from site. Install all necessary BMP controls. Remove and export topsoil. Excavate and remove subsided soil, buried trees and brush/soil mixture. Excavate approximately 34’ to establish bonding bench. Grade bonding bench and install fill underdrain. Import and replace fill in 6” lifts to 95% standard compaction proctor with Stratagrid layers back to structure pad elevation with composite drainage board on back slope. Install aggregate core drains in fill. Excavate anchor trench and face entire slope with 6” Presto Products Geoweb 3D Slope protection and reinforcement. Backfill webbing cells with screened topsoil. Hydroseed slope and final stabilize with Triple layer coconut Turf Reinforcement Matting.

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